It’s Really Happening!

Dan and I have been talking about some big topics in the past months, and after spending 4 ¬†months living ‘camp-style’ while renovating our property we decided we really loved the experience and wanted to try and extend that lifestyle. So after much researching on feasibility, I’ve asked my boss if I can take my job in a slightly different direction and work remotely from the road. I love my work, my team and my company, and am thrilled that I work for a manager and team that allows me this fantastic opportunity!

My heart is racing as the reality of this decision hits home. We need to pack! Prepare a house for rental! Get rid of a lot of stuff! I’ve got work to do!!!! And in the midst of it all, in the center of my being, I know that I’m embarking on a great new life adventure.

Introducing the cast of characters in this adventure:

Dan: Programmer by day, video game developer by night. Hiker, trekker, and the handyman “Mr. Make Things Work” of the adventure.

Kimberley: Community manager by day, photographer by night, doing MFA in photography. Loves paddleboarding, hiking, reading.

Jesse: Intrepid explorer by day. Ball chaser by night. Loves balls, kids and bones, probably in that order.
Our crew

Beastie: Our Gulfstream Conquest. AKA, “technology center on wheels.”