Designing a Mobile Office

Between our jobs (programmer & community manager) and our hobbies (video game development, photography) we both spend a lot of hours every day staring at a computer. I take my office ergonomics pretty seriously, and we’ve been thinking about set-ups that will work well both outside and in Beastie (the RV).

We hit the jackpot this week in a late-night brainstorming session that had me running to find various photography bits and we’ve come up with the concept for two sit/stand desks. The best part, besides total comfort, is that we’re using some of my key, but bulky, photo tools – lightstands and tripods. With this system, we re-purpose the photo gear for everyday use and come up with a very ergonomic, collapsible desk. Huzzah! I’ll post a detailed technical spec at a later date once we’ve refined and tested, but so far my office is looking like:

  • LLBean Woodland tent with canopy
  • Lightstand/tripod sit & stand desk
  • Mogo standing chair (see below, this is so cool) with a small modification of adding a sheepskin cover to that hard plastic seat
  • Jambox music center
  • I’m still working on the ideal headphones for my cell phone. Work in progress there.

Here are some images of Dan modeling the new truly mobile and ergonomic desk setup from the comfort of the back yard.

Mobile desk setup mobile-desk-2 mobile-desk-3 mobile-desk-4

Here are the details of my cool new stool/chair, from Focal, who make a lot of the Google and Facebook ergonomic workstations.