Meanwhile In the Background…

We went to see our niece perform in the Nutcracker this past Saturday, which means that the holiday season has officially begun! I’ve made a totally lame attempt at holiday in our house, as I pulled out the Charlie Brown christmas tree and the leg lamp string of lights.

Since our last installment, we’ve been busy packing up the house, and getting Beastie ready for the road. Our start date of Feb 1 feels like it’s looming. Here are a few of the improvements we’ve done to Beastie in the past couple of weeks:

  • Inverter installed (yeah, I can run my computer from the battery, huzzah!)
  • Additional battery to the chain (3 total)
  • Tow-hitch system on Beastie and Dan’s truck
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) system installed under the sink so we’ll now have drinking water straight from the tap
  • New ladder (that was me backing up and crunch)
  • Craigslist score of a new camper shell for the truck, now doubling our storage space)
  • Truck hitch so I can get a bike rack going off the back

We towed the truck to Fresno for our first voyage with it, and all went great.

So, summary, things are coming along and we’re making great progress, but it feels like there’s a ton more to do before we leave. Am sure it’ll all pull together at the 11th hour – it always does 🙂