Happy New Year!

It’s been a busy month, but it’s all in the background and doesn’t seem very exciting. Packing, cleaning, more packing.┬áBut we’re getting to the finish line…

We’ve got the solar panels installed on the camper, have removed one of the bench seats out of the dinette, and have a new bed on order. We’ll be ripping up the carpeting and replacing with laminate – who puts off-white carpeting in a camper???

This past weekend, we moved all of our furnishings: two trucks, two storage units… Dan’s put in his day’s work, that’s for sure! It’s starting to feel a lot like… a big trip!

So now we have have a bunch of random stuff left in the house that we need to figure out what goes into storage and what goes with us; we’re ‘camping in the house’. The cleaners are in, we’ve got painters coming in next week, and we’ll be getting the advertising for the rental next as well. Busy? You bet!