Weathering our first storm…

It turns out that battening down the hatches doesn’t help much when the campsite washes away around you. We were camped on a jetty between the estuary and the seawall at Pt. Mugu, and started hearing warnings about the storm yesterday. We thought we’d wrapped things up pretty well but at 3 am, discovered that the screen room had collapsed (we actually left it up to test it in the winds, predicted at 10-15 mph, but it turned into a full-on gale during the night). Our little tent office wasn’t designed for those kinds of abuses! We spent about an hour in the middle of the night pulling it down and securing it, got back into the camper, and the wind and ocean started roaring. It was a combination of events: high winds, astronomical high tides (6.8 ft), high surf, and huge amounts of rain flooding the estuary.

We ended up having to evacuate our campsite as the ocean came over the sea wall, and the road in was prepared to be closed. We’re now situated high(er) and dry(er), but I was pretty exhausted by the time I started work today. Here are some shots of the drama:

Our campsite... under water

Our campsite… under water

You can see the screen room broken down to save it from having any of the pieces snap. We’re hoping when we get it back up to dry out that nothing got permanently damaged. That little screen room took a licking!

Ocean coming over sea wall

Ocean coming over sea wall – and Dan happy to be leaving

Dan was so happy to head out of that area. Especially because tomorrow the waves are supposed to be twice as big… they’d be going over the RV at that point!

The road out

The road out

Here’s our road out (you can see our new camp spot by the buildings at the end of the road – where we’re several hundred yards back from the beach, very happily. Beachfront camping has lost it’s appeal this weekend). The waves were breaking right over the concrete barriers!

All's well that ends well

All’s well that ends well

At the end of the day, I took Jesse for a walk at the other end of the road, and saw this beautiful double rainbow. It looks like the end of the rainbow ends almost at our camp spot, go figure! Just a little reminder from mother nature to be grateful for the beauty that she provides, even when sometimes it’s a little rough around the edges.

The good news: hot showers, electricity (which had gone out at our sites), full wifi and fresh-brewed coffee waiting for us restored our good humor, and we got about our day unscathed…

And we’ll just wait out the storm here, and then head back to our lovely campsite on Sunday when the storm’s blown through. And then Ed and Marilyn will join us for a few days, before we head on to our next adventure spot.

Hope everyone’s weathered the storm OK! Stay dry!



Ready for Work at Point Mugu

After several days in Mountain View for a team meeting (action photo of laser tag adventure to come… adventure in which I did NOT cover myself in glory. Guess I should have spent more hours playing video games and fewer curled up with a good book 🙂 ), I returned to Clovis to store my car with my MIL and do a final laundry, and we hit the road yesterday.

We spent the day enjoying the ocean, soaking up the great weather, and setting up the rig for work. We’ve got boosters boosting, my screen-room-office set up (check out my view!), so in theory, we should be fully connected for a productive day’s work tomorrow. So we thought… until we found out that they’re doing missile testing tomorrow and may scramble cell phone signals. Well, we can only hope that they don’t launch any missiles during my conf calls… how inconsiderate!

View from my Point Mugu office... behind those rocks is the ocean

View from my Point Mugu office… behind those rocks is the ocean


Mercey Mercy Me…

I’m catching up after a busy week, so this post is happening not-so-real-time (kind of like the Olympics) but I did want to share some of our recent adventures.

We took advantage of the long President’s Day weekend to go to one of my favorite places, Mercey Hot Springs. Not only does it provide RV spaces to camp in, as well as the fantastic tubs, but it also boasts a very warm mineral pool, Airstreams for rent (which MIL Cheryl and Aunt Paula rented right next to our rig, so it was family-time), and also has hundreds of acres of hiking available through rolling hills, high ridges, and grazing cattle. Summary: it’s paradise without any cell or Internet connection, which makes it a little limited on the opportunities to visit. I am glad that we got to have a final huzzah as we start off on our adventure.


Panoramic view of the hills @ Mercey Hot Springs


Another beautiful sunset @ Mercey Hot Springs


Kay with the dogs enjoying the vista @ Mercey Hot Springs


Paula and Cheryl camping in style!

For Rent…

The packing is done, the house is cleaned, the only thing left to do was to put up the For Rent sign on the house, and find someone who would love this home as we have for so many years.

We had about 100 people come through the house on Friday afternoon for an open house (wow, we had no idea there would be anywhere near that kind of interest!!), and leaving the final paperwork with our property managers, we hit the road last night. First stop, Clovis, to drop off the car and some gear for storage, and to spend some time with Dan’s mom before heading out.

We’ve also just made reservations to spend Valentine’s long weekend at Mercey Hot Springs, one of our favorite places to relax. It ties in nicely with Dan’s xmas present I got for him, which was a ‘hot springs of the West’ book. I figure if he has to give up his much beloved hot tub for this journey, we’ll just have to go find some hot water along the way! It’s always good to have a mission 😉

As we crossed the San Benito county line, it hit home – we are finally finished with this momentous house project and are on our way. The adventure has begun, and we have spent our first day as technomads. Cheers to many more!

Putting up the sign

Putting up the sign

Addendum: Just got some fun photos from Jo and Robert and Ava, who came to visit with us during our last weekend at the house. We all camped inside – they are such great sports. I love our friends!


Pix from Jo of our last weekend in the house

Pix from Jo of our last weekend in the house