Robert Treman State Park, Ithaca, New York

14094409541280Kimberley’s cousin Andy and his wife Melissa recommended Ithaca, and I must agree that it is spectacular!







Matt, Sarah, and Monte-dawg

I was really fortunate to camp next to a couple of cool folks from Manhattan (with a dog no less). I must say that it was super nice to sit around the camp fire and hear stories about growing up around New York, especially while missing Kimberley.

Jesse and Monte also had a great time hanging out for five days.

Hopefully we’ll meet up again in Manhattan on the way south. Think of the photos. I wonder what Jesse will think when she sees downtown New York.




This tree’s seen it’s share of things.



Even Jesse got tired walking up these stairs. She probably ran through the hills for about an hour before this shot though.


Good times for the dawgie

Green Lakes State Park, New York

14094409589208 14094409527587Kimberley headed off to Burning Man, and I hit up several parks in the area.

Green Lakes was nice, but the weather was pretty overcast most of the time I was there.

There was an endurance race (100K) going on when I was there. Quite a thing that people can run that far. Actually most of the people that I saw were walking, but I don’t think I could do even that for 100K. Maybe Jessie could though lol.

Peter McSheffrey

14094409627505An extended family member, and person that I very much respect, was on humanitarian business in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber and several other insurgents stormed the restaurant that his group was at killing everyone.

I didn’t know Peter very well, but I can tell you for certain that he was an outstanding person. He travelled the world over several times and was a great representative of the courtesy and respectfulness of Canadians along the way.

He was also an amazing photographer, and I feel very fortunate to have spent time with him and his wife Leanne touring San Francisco several years back.

Photos by Peter

More information on the incident


You were taken way too soon. Rest in peace Peter.