Driving across the boroughs of New York in an RV with truck in tow, cross-town thanks to the ‘no commercial vehicles on parkways’ rule which somehow manages to include RVs, is definitely not for the faint of heart. Lucky for us, with Dan at the wheel and Jesse helpfully navigating while I took photos and exclaimed over random points of possible interest, we made it out of the big city and to our next stop at Elk Neck SP, MD.

Goodbye New York!

Goodbye New York!

Beautiful lighthouse, reminding me of Santa Cruz and our wedding day, though not-so-romantically named ‘Turkey Neck” – who looked out over the vastness of Chesapeake Bay, the historic landscape, and thought, yep, there’s a name for a lighthouse, sure does look like a turkey neck to me.” Between the turkey neck and overpopulation of Maryland’s state bird, the stinkbug, I really didn’t feel like we gave this park a fair shake. But if you’ve ever had to do hand-to-hand combat with two stinkbugs in a shower, you may forgive my lukewarm review.

Turkey Neck Lighthouse, Chesapeake Bay, MD

Turkey Neck Lighthouse, Chesapeake Bay, MD

We packed up and headed to Virginia to meet up with our friend Joe (Dan’s good friend since elementary school, and co-adventurer in DC, Santa Cruz and Hawaii) for the grand tour of Charlottesville and area. Hello, US history! We stayed in a little campsite on the James River, near Scottsville, where a levee was created to deal with regular flooding of the river – up to 40 feet some years! That levee was also the local dog-walking hangout, and I met lots of local folk, two and four-legged, who gave me the run-down on the area, pointed me to the local farmer’s market and to a day spa where I got my first massage in months – heavenly. The oldest church I saw was built in 1745 and the newest was 1850. We spent lots of evenings dining out with Joe, met up with and old California friend, Melanie, did a bit of wine tasting (who knew that Charlottesville has so many good vineyards?), and toured Monticello and the Madison estate (where we had a partial tour by Joe’s dad, who is a docent there) as well as a visit into the mountains to the Walton museum (my idea ;). We crammed a lot of sightseeing into a week, and managed to get a good bit of work done, as well. One of the joys of our travel is meeting old friends in new places, and Joe is a master tour guide.

Joe, Dan & Mr. and Mrs. Lynch Joe, Dan & Mr. and Mrs. Lynch[/caption]

Madison House, VA

Madison House, VA

[caption id="attachment_809" align="aligncenter" width="480"]Walking the Levee Walking the Levee

We continued to chase the fall foliage as we headed to Claytor Lake, VA, where we spent some lovely hiking time, but with weather in the mid-fifties and overcast, I wasn’t too interested in getting out paddling and taking advantage of the lake. As I hiked through the forest, I started two new photo projects – I’ve been waiting a while for inspiration to hit, so am excited to get my mind and eye focused. We then spent the weekend at Grayson Highlands SP, well in the Blue Ridge mountains (is it the highest peak in VA?). We were expecting a huge colorful array of foliage, but instead found bare trees – it turns out that cold and wind make for early winter. Despite the lack of vibrant color, we had a great time doing some challenging hikes, including getting on the Appalachian trail (OK, only for a couple of miles, but they were tough miles!), and following a creek to its source, skirting several waterfalls.
Today, I get on a plane in Charlotte, NC for a brief work visit back to CA. While the plane heads west, my thoughts are in the East.

I love this forest!

I love this forest!

Jesse leads the way onto the Appalachian Trail

Jesse leads the way onto the Appalachian Trail

Chasing waterfalls

Chasing waterfalls

Heading South for the Winter (New York photos)

Our northward journey has come to an end. Time to start following the flocks south.

I haven’t posted in awhile and we have a lot of new images to share from New York.

Green Lake State Park (Take 2)

We stayed here again for a couple of days after Kimberley returned from Burning Man.



The lake is really that green.

14125611604244 14125611352151 14125611468433


Wow! Imagine what the penalty is for J-walking…



As Kimberley said in the last post, we stayed here for a couple of weeks. Fun times for sure.


Great sunsets in Waddington.


Cousin Kate is a natural. This was her first time on a paddle board.


I love that sign.


Nice day for a family photo.


Barb, Buck, and Don spending time with us on the Saint Lawrence River.

14125610684262 14125611029097

Jesse's getting the hang of the paddleboard - finally!

Kimberley posted this picture last week. I just want to say that this is actually really hard to do with a 35 pound dog running up and down the board. Not my most stylish moment ever either.

Adirondack Mountains

A couple hiking trips guided by Aunt Rose and Uncle Buck were great. Uncle Buck and his friend Dave got us to a beautiful overlook on one of the peeks in the Adirondack Mountains.




The journey continues.


Good friends.


Ready for work.


Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn

We camped out at this airfield in Brooklyn. It used to be the main airfield for New York City, now it has been turned into a park and an air museum.

photo 4


Picture of the gems inside a dilapidated hanger.


One of the jets on display.


It’s probably a good idea to remove that one before you fly. Otherwise you might have a 500 mph metal frisbee coming down the runway.


Mario’s going to start work on restoring this one soon.


The hanger at night.


The berries along the field really are those colors.

Coney Island

A trip down to Coney Island was a great weekend activity.


The old parachute ride. No longer operational, but still a very visible symbol of for the island.


Kimberley walking off the metro platform all geared-up for an adventure.


Beautiful architecture is everywhere (bad architecture is abundant too though). What a mixed bag.


When the trains come along you really notice it! I had to drive the RV (towing the pickup) in this chaos on the way out of town. Not easy…

14125609939753 14125609868592 14125609808621 14125609734150 14125609666379 14125609601678 14125609493436



Manhattan here we come!


You see amazing patterns everywhere you look.


Park Ave, just like Monopoly.


The world must have grown around that church.


Is it just me or is this somewhat disturbing?

photo 3

My mom found out on that we’re part Huguenot. Who would have know. 

photo 2


French Episcopal Church – Interior.

photo 5

My hair’s getting long now. I might have to find a barber at some point.

Central Park


Just when you thought you’d seen it all.



K and Jesse


A little to the left please.


A little to the right please.


Life is good.


Grand Central Station – Manhattan

This place is amazing. We got in there right before sunset. It is dog friendly too.

14125605865320 14125605954141 14125606356692

Glimmerglass State Park

They have the oldest covered bridge in the United States here. It was being renovated at the time we were there.


photo 3

The oldest covered bridge in the country.

photo 2

The “Tin Hat” (or was it “Tin Top”) at Hyde Hall