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We are Dan and Kimberley, and we are planning for our adventure of a lifetime! We’ll be renting out our house and taking off at the beginning of Feb 2014 for a year of travel and work as we go tour and discover America. We both work in technology and have worked remote for years, but this will be taking remote work to the next level. Hence the ‘technomad’ term – used with gratitude from the crew at www.technomadia.com. As soon as we heard the term, it resonated. This is who we are.

Introducing the cast of characters in this adventure:

Dan: Programmer by day, video game developer by night. Hiker, trekker, and the handyman “Mr. Make Things Work” of the adventure.

Kimberley: Community manager by day, photographer by night, currently working on her MFA in photography. Loves paddleboarding, hiking, reading.

Jesse: Intrepid explorer by day. Ball chaser by night. Loves balls, kids and bones.
Our crew

Beastie: Our Gulfstream Conquest. AKA, “technology center on wheels”.

4 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Kim it was very nice meeting you, Dan and Jesse. Congratulations on your big move and impeding trip.You have a lovely home but I’m sure you guys are going to have an amazing adventure, do keep in touch and I’m looking forward to seeing more updates soon.

    All the best

  2. Thanks so much Andre! It was great to meet you both as well. Thanks also for sending your Flikr info – I’ll look forward to checking out your work!


  3. It was great meeting you, Dan, and Jesse at Point Mugu this week! I hope all went well after we departed with the “waves”. We wish you guys the best and maybe we will “run” into you guys again on the open road:-)

    -April, Rich, Bailey, Gracie, Momma Kitty, & Scruffy

  4. So good to meet all of you, too! Jesse will sure miss getting a morning hello from you. Thanks for the great neighboring, and all the best to you guys. Hope Gracie heals up fast! Take care and hope to see you again, too.

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